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Lab Hood Exhaust Project, USDA Forest Products Lab, Madison WI, United States Department of Agriculture

Belonger was responsible for design and construction services to correct laboratory chemical fume hood exhaust deficiencies at the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin. The 66 fume hood systems are disbursed among four buildings and are served by individual and combined exhaust fan systems, and various associated support equipment. Fume hood exhaust systems in these buildings were repaired, modified, combined or otherwise altered to ensure compliance with NFPA 45, "Fire Protection for Laboratories Using Chemicals," and ANSI/AIHA Z9.5, "American National Standards for Laboratory Ventilation," and "Industrial Ventilation, A Manual of Recommended Practice." Typical deficiencies corrected include: tying in fume hood systems to general exhaust systems; extending exhaust stacks far enough above the building roofline to reduce the potential for harmful fume hood exhaust to enter the building supply air intake; correct improper exhaust air volumes. Also included in this project were improvements to correct the deficiencies to exhaust fans, modification of ductwork, roof patching, alteration of exhaust stacks, modification/alteration of controls, addition of instrumentation at fume hoods, all electrical work, structural modifications to support new equipment, and sealing of penetrations through fire barriers.

Construction Completed: 2006

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