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Successful management is achieved through planning, leadership, and dedication.  Belonger's management style is Management By Objectives (MBO).  This method encourages management's focus on and execution of levels of performance and objectives.  (A diagram of "MBO" is at the end of this section).   This process of management embraces the Total Quality Management (TQM) style and philosophy.  The specific objectives are challenging yet attainable, measurable, time-specific, and documented.  Since Belonger's mission statement and procedures support every level of operation, quality service and profitable sales growth results. 

Decision-making is a critical responsibility in management.  All employees understand framework for the process; thus, Belonger's managers are more successful complying with corporate objectives.  First, one must identify the problem or opportunity.  Second, one must develop a list of alternatives.  Third, one has to evaluate the alternatives in comparison to corporate objectives and direct responsibilities.   Fourth, choose and implement the best alternative.  Fifth, evaluate the decision and outcome.  If it was favorable, continue to support the decision.  If the outcome was disagreeable or unfavorable, one must evaluate why, and implement corrective measures, or depending on the issue seek additional assistance. 

Implementation and execution are similar in concept, but vary in connotation.  This phase of management is important, because it affects the success rate of the corporation.  Implementation is the building blocks and framework for the execution stage.  Standing plans, job designs, policy manuals, and union contracts assist implementation.  Execution occurs through departmentalization and delegation, depending on the current organizational chart.  Departments are arranged by functional similarities.  Departmentalization and delegation are positive tools of execution.  These tools aid learning, achieve higher motivation levels and quicker responses, and managers are available to perform jobs that are more challenging.

"MBO" adheres to the Total Quality Management (TQM) style.  Keeping the mission and goals in perspective during execution and management, Belonger's dedication, integrity, and candor is steadfast.  In turn, Belonger will experience loyal customers, recommendations, and profitable sales growth.  Synergy will result corporately, resulting in quality service and added value service.  Synergy enables Belonger to be competitive and cost efficient.

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