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Our Safety Record - A safe project makes for a successful project. Our safety program consistently achieves a safety modifier that is among the best in the industry (0.87 compared to an industry average of 1.0). The experience modifier rate (EMR) is derived from a formula that compares the amount of accidents and injuries a company has to the national average for all industries (1.0). To attain this standard we implement a set of procedures that contain daily, weekly, monthly and annual components, each designed to create the safest possible environment on your job site.

All of our full-time field personnel have attended OSHA's 10-hour Safety Standards for the Construction Industry course, are qualified in CPR/First Aid and participate in regularly scheduled training. All personnel are empowered to correct safety issues on the spot.

It's not just Safety First at Belonger; it's Safety Always. All of our employees are committed to a safe work space and take an active role to ensure that safety maintains its prominent role throughout the life of a project, from pre-planning through punch list. We have no tolerance for any practice that does not promote safety at work. At Belonger, we've worked hard at developing a safety culture. From top management down, we have the "safety first, safety always" attitude and are determined to conduct all operations and maintain our facilities in a manner to provide a safe working environment for all employees. Our goal is tough: we want to eliminate all accidents from our workplaces. Ongoing training and accountability on every level are helping us achieve this goal.

Projects undergo an initial safety evaluation, site safety and logistic training is conducted for all employees prior to entering a job site, tool-box talks are conducted and ongoing reassessment is achieved through safety inspections. Safety is a major component of our subcontractor prequalification process and certain requirements, such as a written safety program, must be met prior to a subcontractor being added to our database.

Our approach to safety and regulatory compliance has enabled us to grow. We continue to prove that a contractor can operate within safety and environmental regulations and remain cost effective. We have demonstrated that safety can be a competitive advantage, and our commitment to safety is an important part of our vision.

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